Companies find
ways to bypass tariffs on Chinese imports

The Wall Street Journal


The $67 billion tariff dodge that’s undermining U.S. trade policy

The Wall Street Journal


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Creative & Flexible Logistics Fulfillment Solutions

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How Baja reduces
import fees and labor costs

Inventory Shipped
to the US

In Bond Shipment: Packages are kept “In-Bond” from US ports to our Mexico fulfillment centers

Picking, packing, and labeling happens in Mexico

De Minimis
Value Entry:
Shipments are broken down into individual customer orders

Orders crossed daily for US carrier pickup

Order Arrives

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Creative and flexible logistics fulfillment solutions from Baja

Technology driven logistics solutions

In a world where clients are used to ordering goods online, Baja offers all of the steps that needs to happen to deliver your goods on time in a manner that consumers today expect. From order placement to door delivery.

To sourcing assistance to design ideas. From any factory into the hands of your customers, Baja can help you deliver on your promise to service your clients.

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Baja Fulfillment offers local strength on a global scale

Today's globally connected marketplace, utilize the our custom IT integration to see the status of your orders and your shipments. At Baja we offer worldwide air and ocean freight solutions and US Domestic freight forwarding services - all with integrated shipment initiation tools, rating and tracking.

Get connected with our supply chain solutions and utilize our sophisticated inventory management control systems and fulfillment services.

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