Globegistics is a global ecommerce and mail solutions company and Postal Qualified Wholesaler for the USPS. We help retailers, fulfillment houses and 3PL providers extend their reach into global retail markets, by providing the most economical options for ecommerce shipping. We offer Delivery Duty Unpaid and Delivery Duty Paid shipping services to ensure the best experience for your business and repeat orders from your customers. Our strategically located processing facilities in New
York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles will deliver a seamless shipping experience. The Baja Fulfillment and Globegistics partnership enables us to bring your brand to a global scale.


TransGroup Global Logistics is our exclusive partner for our international logistics needs. TransGroup delivers the future of Transport Logistics by bringing tomorrow’s freight logistics operations and supply chain technologies to our customers, today. With 90 stations on 5 continents, TransGroup offers a balanced cross-discipline of domestic and international transport solutions with industry leading IT.